Thursday, April 8, 2010

Exciting News

Well, today hubby called me at work to inform me that after one day of job searching he has a job. He gets to start on Monday. That is great news. Now that he has a job we can start looking for a house. He says that he is going to start looking tomorrow. He made a valid point you don't want to look for a place to live and tell someone that you are just moving back to the area and don't have a job.

More good news dad may have found us a house. He said that a friend of his knows of a 3 bedroom older house that will allow us to have pets. He is going to get me more details and get back to me or tell hubby about it.

Dad is in a good mood today again. He was watching Tiger Woods playing golf again. He loves watching golf and would like to play again. Hopefully he can get back into it.

The oldest one went today to pick up his tuxedo. Can't wait to see him in it. Hard to believe in less than 2 months he will be graduating. Where has the time gone. My baby is all grown up. He had to work tonight and their father said that I can't tell any of them about his job until he talks to them all at once. So I told him I would call him once they were all here. It may finally get going on the right track for a change. Something will go wrong it always does. I am prepared for it. Please God let it be smooth from here on out. Keep us in your prayers.
50 days to go


Kaye Swain said...

Hi, I popped over to say THANK YOU for participating in the Boomers and Seniors: News You Can Use blog carnival at SandwichINK and read this post as well! What great news! And what a blessing this will all be as you continue to deal with the Sandwich Generation issues with your family. :) You are in my prayers. ;)