Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Day Another Drama

Talked to dad last night and he went to the prostate doctor. They said that everything was fine which is always good news. Hubby went for job interviews today and they all looked promising. He said that he might have a pick of where he wants to work which would be great. I worked all day yesterday and again today. There should be enough there for me to work all day tomorrow also. I am glad that it is finally picking up but is just a little too late for me to stay. Dad needs me to help take care of things back home. He is still active and going out with friends but I can tell he really wants me there to help with the bills that need to be paid and balancing his checkbook. I want to be there for him too. Well not too much longer. I pray that hubby will be able to start working soon and find us a house. Oh well prom is Friday and the oldest one is happy. Can't wait to see him in a tuxedo. Graduation is 51 days away. It is going faster now. Wish us luck.