Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The time is going by so slow now. I thought that once hubby got to Ohio that it would start moving faster and now it seems to just stand still. The house seems so lonely when I am home by myself. I guess it will all be for the better when we all get HOME. Hubby doesn't know if he really likes his job yet but at least he is working and can still look elsewhere. Dad is doing good and is glad that hubby is working and trying to find a house. It is still hard because of our animals and I am not getting rid of my dog even if I didn't just spend 400.00 on her because someone hit her with their car and drove away. I guess one will turn up when we are supposed to find it. Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers. I only worked 5 hours this week and it doesn't look like I am going to work any more this week anyways. Oh well, such is life. I can wait to get back HOME.