Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting Closer

I guess today I realized how close it is really getting to going home. Hubby got a new job and is really excited. I am glad but I still feel like I should be doing something. It is hard to be 400 miles away and not be by his side. I guess I didn't realize how hard it would be. I miss him so much but this is what we need to do.

Talked to dad last night and he was having a rough day. He said that he was in the kitchen and heard something make a crashing sound and it was his glasses He said that the glass in them just broke. Now he has to go and get new lenses that will cost him a couple of hundred to get. With his income he just doesn't have the extra. I hope he can work something out. I know it is rough on dad trying to keep things straight and I hope us being there will make it a little easier. Hubby says that he will go check on him and make sure everything is fine but it not like being there.

The oldest one got his cap and gown yesterday. The days seem to be flying by for him now. But his has also realized that after this the real world starts. I feel bad for him because he has just realized that now he has to make decisions on his own and it is difficult. I know he will be ok but as a mother you worry.